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Friday, April 28, 2006

Quickly sir apply the ammonium carbonate!

Sorry for the incredibly obscure joke but if you get it you will win one million dollars.
This dish conflicts me greatly. On the one hand you have the incredible qualities of prime tuna and on the other hand the fact that tuna really is a non sustainable food source, top of it's food chain and so help me, damn tasty. The following serves 4.

Sesame soba noodles
Seared tuna
Tempura vegetables

First prepare the noodles
Put 1 pkt (250g) of soba (buckwheat) noodles in to a large pot of salted boiling water for approx 6 mins. Remove from heat, drain and stand till cold.
While the noodles are cooking toast 75g white sesame seeds (no oil) in a frying pan until golden brown. Be careful it is very easy to over cook or burn the sesame seeds.

Make the dressing
Whisk 5 tsp soy sauce, 2 tsp mirin, 2 tsp liquid honey & t tsp sesame oil together in a bowl.
Finely slice 5 spring onions.

When sesame seeds and noodles have cooled mix together in a large bowl. Add spring onion and dressing. Mix till noodles are coated with dressing, sesame seeds etc and set aside.
Ensure tuna is room temperature or at least removed from fridge 1 hour prior to cooking. Massage tuna with lime oil and set aside.

Prepare tempura vegetables.
Cut selected vegetables to preferred size, we used mushrooms, broccoli and capsicum (bell pepper). Rinse and pat dry ensuring no surface moisture remains on the vegetables.
In a small pan put 2 to 3 cm of cooking oil (sunflower oil) and set aside.
When ready to eat i.e. 15 to 20 mins prior to serving heat oil for vegetables, be careful to heat slowly and test for readiness by dipping a piece of vegetable in to the oil (you are looking for brisk bubbling).

Make batter
50g plain flour
50g corn flour
25ml cooking oil (sunflower oil)
200 ml cold sparkling or soda water
salt & pepper

Mix dry ingredients and salt & pepper in a bowl, add oil, pour in soda water and beat until smooth. The batter will be slightly fizzy. Stand.
Toss prepared vegetables in plain flour and shake off any excess.
Sear your tuna steaks in a frying pan turning once only. While you are cooking the tuna cook your vegetables in batches in the hot oil. Place the vegetables on to absorbent kitchen paper/towel once cooked.
Thinly slice the rare cooked tuna and serve with the tempura vegetables and noodles. Have soy sauce and limes available for dipping and squeezing. Kenshou.


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