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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Toy and Lunch

Just a quick entry to show off our new toy. We have been talking about making more of our own bread for some time and Julia's parents very kindly bought us a breadmaker for Christmas. We originally chose a Tefal OW3001, do not purchase this model. Sorry Tefal but although your toasters are fantastic you have really missed the mark with this breadmaker. The breadmaker is far too light and unstable and in fact about 20 minutes into the first loaf the machine 'walked' off the kitchen bench and crashed to the floor, not impressed. We took the machine back to Heathcote Appliances and instead purchased a Breville 'Ultimate Baker's Oven'. The Breville is $250 as opposed to the Tefal which is $170 but well worth the extra cash. The Breville is a much heavier machine, more solidly constructed and has a better recipe book. There is no measuring spoon included with the Breville and the book uses the Australian 20ml tablespoon measure which is especially annoying given that Breville knows the breadmaker it is being sold in New Zealand and could easily have included a plastic 20ml measure, grrrr.

The machine

The first loaf. SUCCESS!

Lunch Platter
No recipe for this just a list of what's on the plate for a little inspiration perhaps?

Marinated artichoke hearts
Fig jam
Blue cheese
Fresh apricots
Aged cheddar
Black olive tapenade
Olive bruschetta
Marinated red capsicum
Smoked salmon
Salmon paté


At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Kate said...

the largeest spoon in the tupperware measuring spoon set is a 25ml. That might help ;)

At 4:15 PM, Blogger startrekker said...



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