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Friday, March 31, 2006

Mmmmm we need meat

I think it's all been just a little bit too vegetarian for the last couple of days so here we go, a big fat meat fix for all you carnivores.

Just a little warning, quite a bit of getting this recipe right depends on knowing your steak and how long it needs to cook and what rare really means.
This recipe looks simple but it actually takes a little practice to get it spot on.
Firstly the meat, it must be a quality cut. Below you see a piece of premium eye fillet (enough for approx four people). This meal can be made with good scotch fillet or other steak instead, it's up to you.

Yes its a good bit of meat and expensive but if you want to do it right...

To begin ensure your meat is room temperature. Make your red wine reduction.
Mix equal quantities of quality red wine and good beef stock eg 1 cup wine & 1 cup of stock in a small pan. Add bouquet garni or 3 bay leaves and a big sprig of parsley and cook very slowly (simmering without browning). This could take an hour or more. The liquid should reduce down to approx half a cup or a quarter of the liquid you started with (if it gets too thick and strong don't use it, it will ruin the meal. Whip up a quick bearnaise instead).
While you are cooking the reduction, roast the potatoes. 20 mins before the potatoes are ready sear the already oiled and peppered steak for 10 mins each side. Remove from pan and bake in oven for a further 10 mins at 180C/350F. The aim of this is to end up with a piece of meat that is rare so the searing and baking time really depends on the cut of meat (it takes practice and experience to get it perfect). Stand steak covered in foil for 10 mins. To serve place hot roast potatoes on top of salad greens/rocket etc. Slice steak and lay on top of potatoes. Add reduction and serve. Be careful with the reduction, it is strong and you don't need much.
Sorry about the pic it's not the best. I think I'll just photograph one plate from now on.


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