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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lamb and lentils

Tonight we are just trialling an ingredient for a French themed dinner party we are having in a few weeks. If you can guess which ingredient before the end you win a cuddly toy.

Seasoned lamb rumb
Pumpkin mash
Puy lentils
Brussell sprouts
Green beans

Take 2 'heart of lamb rumps' a special cut that was ordered on line and came via courier from Gourmet Direct. Oil the meat and roll in the rub. Rest until ready to cook. Sear the meat and then finish in the oven till the rare side of medium rare. The rub we used was a mix called 'Bed of Roses' from www.capeherb.com and contained a mixture of: ginger, roasted garlic, sea salt, caraway seeds, sugar, roasted sesame seeds, cumin, paprika, cassia, chillies, coriander, black pepper, turmeric, mint, nutmeg, rose petals and saffron. It was outstanding.

The lentils are special green lentils from France and they are the ingredient we are trialling for the upcoming dinner party. The lentils require 3 times the amount of liquid as lentils. Measure both lentils and water in to a pot and boil for approx 25 mins. Salt may be added to the water but we found it was best added once the meal had been plated.

The dish is finished with one of the local butchers meat glazes. Heat the glaze in a small pan and spoon on to the lamb.
This was a really special meal, just incredible flavours from the seasoned lamb and the lentils were exceptional. Please try it.


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you have the same name as a chef she works with though, and you have food on your website, interesting. Oh and if there is a copy of lucy in the world, it makes me happy!

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i meant

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