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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Moroccan Lamb Knuckles

You might remember the Moroccan style rub that we used a couple of weeks ago. It makes an appearance again in this dish.
Lamb knuckles usually have a little less meat on than shanks and are a great way of serving ready made single portions of roast lamb.

Lamb knuckles
'Bed of Roses' Moroccan seasoning www.capeherb.com or harissa paste
Spray oil
Vegetables (yams and brussel sprouts)
Puy Lentils
Meat glaze

Heat oven to 180C/355F
Spray oven tray/dish and lamb with oil and coat lamb with seasoning or paste.
Cook for 15 mins and then add yams or potatoes to the roasting dish and continue cooking for a further 45 mins.
Put lentils in a pot with 3 times the amount of water as lentils (3/4 of a cup of dried lentils will be plenty for 2 people). The lentils take about 25 mins to cook at a low simmer.
Prepare sprouts and cook in a pan with a knob of butter until very lightly browned then pour over boiling water and simmer until cooked but still firm (about 10 mins).
Heat the meat glaze (this was bought from our local organic butcher) but do not boil.
Serve and enjoy.


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