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Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday Night Scoff

No pictures or recipes tonight. It was a long day and after the culinary wizardry of yesterday it was time for takeways. But not just any takeaways, instead the fabulous takeaway delights of Scoff

I had the Lamb Curry which was excellent if a little on the medium side in the heat department (although my version of medium may well be your version of hot, you know what it's like with curries).
Julia had the Mushroom Risotto and reported all was well with her meal.
The mum-in-law opted for the Bacon Fettucini which was huge (it went unfinished) and delicious.
The geezer had the Classic Burger and Chips and was impressed, and he knows his burgers.

If you live in Hamilton and have not yet had takeaways from Scoff I recommend you get there asap.


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