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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Super Mullet

And you thought the mullet was dead, I don't think so. This is a beauty seen during the Waikato Vs Otago national rugby union semi final 14/10/06. Waikato won 44-15 and are through to the final against Wellington next week to be played at Rugby Park, Hamilton. Good on you boys you wanted it more. Sorry about the quality it is from my sony W1 camera and recorded straight from the television.



At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Kate said...

professional help my dear - you are sorely in need of it - in fact there's probably not enough EAP i the southern hemisphere to counter the fact that not only did you watch the game (which I will concede as a good idea) but you did so with a handycam beside you in the event of sterling television - which, by the way, this was not.
PS: OMG, that's one hell of a mullet!!

At 11:16 AM, Blogger Julian said...



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