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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday farmers market

This is a regular event in Hamilton, every two weeks the farmers market opens. Basically the producers front up and have a stall with their produce for sale. The people selling the produce have to have grown or produced the product themselves. Everything from fresh fruit and vegetables picked on the day or the day before to pickles, mustards, honey and organic free range meats etc.
As you can see it wasn't the best day for customers today, very wet and miserable but the enthusiasm amongst the sellers and buyers was undiminished.
Hopefully this new image size (400 pixels wide instead of 330) will improve things a little.

We we raced around umbrella in hand and this was the haul when we got home.

The meat products from 'Soggy Bottom Holding' www.soggybottom.co.nz are so popular that we had to call ahead of time and get some put aside. Despite the rain the queue at their stall was a dozen or so people long. In this case we got Cumberland sausage, smoked sausage and dry cured bacon. The animals the meat came from this week were Wessex Saddlebacks. These pigs are true free range animals, roaming and foraging. They have very happy lives and a happy pig makes a great sausage.

The dry cured bacon is just incredible stuff, so tasty and no great pools of steaming liquid when you cook it because unlike the supermarket bought stuff it hasn't been pumped full of water. The sausages are heaven.


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