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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Catch Up

So once again the blog hasn't been updated for a while. We have again been incredibly busy and I just haven't had the time to update everyday. Robbie's thoughtful prose has stirred me into action once more so a quick catch up is in order.

Standing rib roast with oven roasted mushrooms and new potatoes

Middle Easterny

Tabouli, falafel and couscous with cucumber and youghurt sauce

Only the best dinner ever
The sausage is the organic free range Cumberland sausage from Soggy Bottom Holding and bought at the Hamilton farmers market. The eggs are free range and fried in rice bran oil (very high smoke point and virtually flavourless) and the chips are oven baked weight watchers brand. The sauce is of course Watties because as everyone knows it is the best tomato sauce in the galaxy.

Yum Cha at home
Instead of going to yum cha at the Chinese Masterhouse Restaurant in town for Sunday lunch we thought we would do our own. We bought frozen dim sum from one of our local asian supermarkets (steamed bbq pork buns, mini spring rolls, oven baked dumplings and steamed prawn, vegetable and pork dumplings) and combined them with asian greens and jasmine tea. Delicious.

Julia's world famous oven roasted tomato, capsicum and garlic soup
This dish has been written up previously on this blog so here is a link to the recipe, please try it, it is outstanding. Soup Recipe

Pan fried salmon, oven roasted tomatoes and new potatoes

Calamari, prawn and tomato sauce with pasta

Stuffed chicken thighs wrapped in bacon with roasted potatoes, asparagus and hollandaise
The thighs are beaten flat and stuffed with ricotta, oven roasted capsicum, sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs, salt & pepper then wrapped in bacon and roasted.

Remember if there's anything here that you need help with or you want an actual recipe for not just a picture please feel free to email me or even better post a comment or question.


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