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Sunday, April 02, 2006


So Sunday nights dinner and we had great plans but the old unexpected but most welcome guest syndrome hit us. By the time everyone left we were pretty blasted and it was late so EMERGENCY PIE!
This will be a relief for some of you, TWO INGREDIENTS!
Grease two ceramic pie dishes and line with light puff pastry (left over from the tart/quiche). Take one tin of beef stroganoff and pour half in to each of your pastry lined dishes. Fold the pastry over the top and bake at 200C/380F for approx 30 mins, again put foil over the top if the pies are browning too soon.
Oh man this is so simple but at 10.30pm after numerous glasses/bottles of wine it is so good. I have no shame I ate mine with liberal amounts of tomato sauce while my wife had a much more refined accompaniment, home made plum sauce made a couple of months ago from our own plum tree, delicious.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, only five days till the next one!


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