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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Snausages and Smashed Potatoes

Sauasge and mash, what could be better. This is a slightly spiffed up version but it's still all good tucker.

The sausages are from the lovely people at Soggy Bottom Holdings.They are 'manuka smoked 'iron age pig' sausages'. The company makes the most fantastic meat products and these were no exception. They were purchased from their stall at the Hamilton farmers market.
Grill the sausages and serve with your mash and heated tinned sauerkraut.
For the mash, peel and cut up 4 medium potatoes and boil till soft. Cook 1 1/2 cups of peas for about 15 mins. Drain the potatoes and peas and mash the peas slightly before adding to the potatoes. Mash together and add boiling milk and salt & pepper to make a fluffy green pea and potato mash. The black specks you can see on the plate are from the pepper mill, add plenty of fresh ground pepper. The purple sauce you can see in the picture is Julia's home made plum sauce.
When we moved into our new house in December we inherited a mystery tree (any gardener worth his salt would have known what it was, I didn't). We soon discovered that it was a plum tree with the most incredible black plums. Needless to say Julia waited for the harvest and then made plum cake, bottled plums, plum jam and plum sauce. Some of you have tasted the results and I'm sure you will agree...YUM! If you look closely you will see a little grey scene stealer trying and succeeding to get in the picture.


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