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Friday, April 07, 2006

Geezer birthday

Ok so the birthday boy is 64 (Beatles moment) and you know what they're like, they need a ready supply of easily chewable foods and handy access to fire exits and toilets. Off to the local casino buffet we went for all you can eat everything.
To be honest it was pretty reasonable for buffet dining, good choice and nothing that looked like it would kill you too swiftly. I just took pics of what I ate so here we go.
Starters were pretty uninspiring so my fall back option was bread rolls and pate.

Time for the main course and hey where else can you get four kinds of potatoes in one meal. You just have to go for it really don't you. The bit I love is walking down the food selection area trying to weigh up if you have enough room on your plate for what's coming up next and then suddenly remembering "OMG I CAN COME BACK FOR MORE!"

By the time you get to dessert of course, you feel like a nap.

All in all as far as buffet dining goes it wasn't bad. But more importantly the company was excellent and I only lost $15 on the slots. What more can you ask.


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