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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Snapper and chips

Just a Friday night quickie this one. No one is in the mood to spend time in the kitchen and this is always a great option in that situation.

Fresh snapper or what you will. About 150g/5OZ per person.
Oven chips (don't you dare deep fry them!)

Lightly flour your fish and set aside until ready to cook. You can add all kinds of things to the flour to make it a little more interesting, ground black pepper is a favourite of mine.
Cook your oven chips, they usually take around 20-30 mins at 220C/430F, and prepare your salad. This salad is simply lettuce, tomato and capsicum with a balsamic based dressing.
When the chips are 10 mins away from being ready heat a little plain cooking oil in a pan and cook fish fillets. Simply place the fillets in the pan and don't mess with them i.e. don't prod them, throw them around or generally upset them. Turn once and finish cooking, the fillets should be lightly golden brown. Serve with fries and salad. So easy and so nice (even though I feel a little guilty eating snapper).


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